Psychology Courses

PSY 201 General Psychology I (GE) (3)
An overview of the major areas of study in the field of psychology. Introduction to concepts and critical thinking skills that are used in psychology and that will help students learn to think like a psychologist. Major theoretical perspectives in psychology, research methods, and concepts from different content areas such as physiological psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, and many others will be covered.

PSY 215 History and Systems of Psychology (3)

PSY 220 Cultural Psychology (3)

PSY 223 Performance and Sports Psychology (3)

PSY 230 Developmental Psychology (3)

PSY 275R Topics in Psychology (3)
Topics in psychology.

PSY 290 Research Methods (3)

PSY 320 Social Psychology (3)
A study of the individual’s influence upon the group and vice versa. Topics include deciding whether to help those in need, explaining romantic attraction, overcoming racial and ethnic stereotyping, conforming to group expectations, and leading effectively. Prerequisite: PSY 201 or Instructor approval.

PSY 323 Industrial/Organizational Psychology (3)

PSY 325 Psychology of Leadership (3)

PSY 327 Psychology of Humor (3)

PSY 330 Cognitive Psychology (3)

PSY 333 Psychology of Learning (3)

PSY 335 Positive Psychology (3)

PSY 345 Abnormal Psychology (3)
Study of the dynamics of maladjustment; major psychological disorders and therapeutic procedures. Prerequisite: PSY 201 or instructor approval.

PSY 348 Addictions and Addictive Behavior (3)

PSY 350 Biological Psychology (3)

PSY 355 Theories of Personality (3)

PSY 360 Ethics in Psychology (3)

PSY 375R Topics in Psychology (var.)
Topics in Psychology.

PSY 399 Internship/Practicum (var.)

PSY 430 Experimental Psychology (3)

PSY 440 Counseling Psychology (3)

PSY 475 Senior Topics in Psychology (3)
Topics in Psychology.

PSY 498 Senior Thesis (3)

PSY 499 Internship/Practicum (var.)