University Leaders

Board of Trustees

Dane McBride

L. Hugh Redd II

Reed Wilcox

Trav Bowen (’03)
Ann Christensen
Jeffrey S. Cotton
Ahmad Corbitt
Aaron Elton
Lynette N. Gay
Claudette Gerard
Debra Larsen Huber
Justin Knight
Scott McKeon (’01)
Bruce Olsen
Gregory A. Scott
James E. Skeen
Stanford D. Stoddard
Wendy Ulrich
John Wheatley

President’s Council

Reed N. Wilcox

Chief of Staff, Vice President of Strategy
Brett W. Garcia

Provost, Vice President of Academics
Jeremiah John

Vice President of Finance
Robert E. Huch

Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing
Christopher Pendleton

Vice President of Student Life
Michael J. Gibbons

Vice President of University Advancement
W. Todd Brotherson

Vice President of Educational Research and Development
Karen Walker

Title IX Coordinator
Diedra Dryden

Faculty Divisions

Division of Arts
Includes the faculty in art, music, and theatre.
Brent Hanson, Chair
Chandler Hall 154

Division of Humanities
Includes the faculty in English, French, German, Greek, Latin, philosophy, and Spanish.
John Armstrong, Chair
Main Hall 323

Division of Mathematics and Science
Includes the faculty in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and physics.
Richard Gardner, Chair
Durham Hall 208

Division of Social Sciences
Includes the faculty in business, economics, education, family and child development, history, physical education, and politics.
Lora Knight, Chair
Durham Hall 302