Spanish Major & Minor

The Spanish major covers the language, literature, and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. Spain has a rich heritage dating from pre-Roman times to the present. It includes the drama of conquest and reconquest, the resulting mixture of Visigoth, Roman, Arab, and other cultures, and the adaptation of the Spanish people to the diverse landscape of the Iberian Peninsula. The recorded history of Latin America, by contrast, is relatively short. Latin America nonetheless offers a panorama of geographical regions, each with its own history and culture-from the Gauchos of Argentina to the ancient Incas of the Andes, from the conquest of the Aztecs by the Conquistadors to the African influence on Caribbean culture. Understanding these cultures better prepares one to be a citizen of the world. In addition, the study of Spanish language and its development expands students’ understanding of how languages work, including English. This, in turn, helps one think more logically and express oneself with more imagination. A grade of C- or better is required for advancement to the next level in all foreign language courses.

Learning Objectives

Students completing Southern Virginia’s Spanish major are expected to achieve the following:

  1. Oral proficiency in Spanish at the equivalent of the advanced level of the ACTFL scale.
  2. Writing proficiency in Spanish at the advanced level.
  3. Broad understanding of the culture of the Spanish-speaking world.
  4. Broad understanding of the literature of the Spanish-speaking world.
  5. Mastery of major linguistic features of Spanish.

Program Coordinator: Porter, T.R.

Major Requirements (27 credit hours)

Major Core (14 credit hours):

Major Electives II: 3 credit hours from among the following:

Major Electives III: an additional 9 credit hours from among electives I and/or the following:

Download the Spanish Major Checklist

Minor Requirements (15 credit hours)

Minor Core (9 credit hours):

Minor Electives: an additional 6 credit hours from among the following:

Download the Spanish Minor Checklist