Art & Design Courses

ART 113 Studio Art (GE) (3)
An elementary approach to form, subject, and content through drawing and painting. Fee required

ART 120 Drawing I  (GE) (3)
Basic techniques of observational drawing. Fee required.

ART 121 Viscom I (GE) (3)
Drawing I class for design majors. This beginning drawing class focuses on visually communicating ideas and concepts through drawing three dimensional objects and scenes in perspective.

ART 149R Applied Arts I (1)
Private art instruction.

ART 125 Figure Drawing Studio (1)
Informal studio course where students can continue to study the human form by working from live models.

ART 175R Topics in Art (Var.) (3)
Various topics offered as needed. Fees may apply.

ART 199R Applied Art I (1)
Private instruction with assigned faculty member.

ART 210 Art History I (GE) (3)
A survey of painting, sculpture, and architecture from prehistory through the late middle ages.

ART 214 Ceramics (GE) (3)
Basic clay techniques including hand building, throwing, glazing and firing. Fee required.

ART 215 Art History II (GE) (3)
A survey of painting, sculpture, and architecture from the Renaissance through the modern period.

ART 221 Viscom II (3)
Drawing II for design majors. Builds upon concepts and ideas previously discussed in Viscom I. Focus on rendering representations of three-dimensional structures, with an emphasis on being able to light them and render the form in a realistic way.

ART 223 Two-Dimensional Design (GE) (3)
An analytical introduction to the elements of design in various media.

ART 225 Figure Drawing I (3)
An introduction to drawing the human figure. This course focuses on learning basic musculoskeletal anatomy and memorizing relevant landmarks.

ART 227 Three-Dimensional Design (GE) (3)
Experiments in the use of materials and elements of design related to three-dimensional structures.

ART 230 Introduction to Oil Painting (GE) (3)
Basic concepts and techniques of oil painting. Fee required.

ART 240 Printmaking I (GE) (3)
Basic intaglio, monotype, and relief techniques. Fee required.

ART 244 Book Arts I (3)
Study of the art and craft of book making. Students learn to make many different book forms and book housings (boxes), as well as being introduced to various paper arts like paste and marbled paper.

ART 246 Digital Photography I (3)
Introduction to digital photography. This course covers the basics of photography including manual modes, exposure calculation, and common lighting scenarios.

ART 249R Applied Arts II (1)
Private art instruction.

ART 250 Watercolor I (GE) (3)
Basic techniques of traditional transparent watercolor. Fee required.

ART 260 Graphic Design I (3)
Introduction to graphic design. Exploration and introduction to the design process and various aspects of graphic design fields including logo design, publication design, packaging, and website design.

ART 263 Design Principles (GE) (3)
Hybrid of the two-dimensional and three-dimensional design classes. This course breaks down the elements and principles of design and teaches students how to practically utilize those elements and apply those principles to various art and design fields.

ART 264 Digital Painting I (3)
Intro to digital painting. In this class students learn how to manage layers and approach painting digitally from life.

ART 349R Applied Arts III (1)
Private art instruction.

ART 364 Digital Painting II (3)
Builds upon previous discussed concepts in Digital Painting I. Focus on stylization in concepts design and illustrations.

ART 275R Topics in Art (Var.) (3)
Various topics offered as needed. Fees may apply.

ART 298 4th Semester Portfolio Review (0)
Evaluation of students’ progress. This course helps ensure they have developed adequate skills and a clear direction of where they plan to focus the remainder of their time as an art or design major at Southern Virginia.

ART 299R Applied Art II (1)
Private instruction with assigned faculty member.

ART 300 Travel Study: Italian Renaissance   (3)
Study of Renaissance painting, sculpture, and architecture at important locations throughout Italy. Prerequisite: ART 215 or consent of instructor.

ART 311 Museum Studies (3)
Introduction to museum studies.

ART 315 Non-Western Art (3)
Survey of non-western art from ancient to modern times with emphasis on the areas of major production: India, China, and Japan, and exposure to areas such as Africa. Prerequisites: ART 210 and ART 215.

ART 315R Sculpture Topics (3)
Specialized topics relating to Sculpture.

ART 317R Sculpture (3)
Basic sculpture processes including clay modeling and wood or stone carving. Fee required. Prerequisite: ART 227.

ART 320R Drawing II (3)
Further exploration of drawing techniques with an emphasis on technical proficiency, concept development, and creative expression. Fee required. Prerequisite: ART 120..

ART 325R Advanced Figure Drawing (3)
Exploration of the human figure in drawing media. Includes study of human anatomy. Fee required. Prerequisite: ART 120.

ART 330R Oil Painting II (3)
Further exploration of oil painting techniques with an emphasis on technical proficiency, concept development, and creative expression. Fee required. Prerequisite: ART 230.

ART 331 Quick Sketches (3)
Painting course designed to help students gain painting mileage. Students learn to be decisive and efficient with every stroke. Over the course of the class students develop expression and personal style through their work.

ART 340R Printmaking II (3)
Relief, intaglio, and monotype with an emphasis on proficiency and creative expression. Fee required. Prerequisite: ART 240.

ART 341 Printmaking II: Relief (3)
Further exploration of relief techniques such as woodcut and linocut, with an emphasis on editioning, larger scale, multiple-block printing, and color work.

ART 342 Printmaking II: Intaglio (3)
Intaglio printmaking includes drypoint, linear etching, aquatint, soft ground, sugar lift, and multiple tone and color processes.

ART 344 Book Arts II (3)
Building upon the skills acquired in Book Arts I, this course is focused on artist’s books. Students deeply explore the world of artist’s books and create their own works of art in book form. These projects will explore, expand, and enhance the students’ knowledge of design concepts, various mediums, content creation, and expression.

ART 346 Digital Photography II (3)
Intermediate digital photography course which builds upon previously learned skills. This course explores various genres of photography and allows students to engage with, research, and discuss various aspects of those genres including: specialized skills relevant to the genres, common ethical issues, professional soft skills.

ART 350R Watercolor II (3)
Extended investigation of water-based media, with an emphasis on traditional transparent watecolor. Prerequisite: ART 250.

Art 352 Mixed Media (3)
Allows students to explore combining a wide range of media into rich conceptual 2D designs.

ART 353 Color & Composition (3)
A dynamic class using on location painting to strengthen students’ perception of good design and color within a composition. Begins with a focus on shapes and values, teaching students to start simplifying the landscape from life. Color theory is taught through a progression of limited and full color palette exercises.

ART 360 Graphic Design II (3)
Intermediate graphic design. Builds upon the principles and concepts learned in graphic design I to further broaden ideas about what a designer does with a focus on conceptual thinking and visual storytelling.

ART 361 Typography I (3)
Introduction to the core principles of typography through a combination of knowledge, practice, and experience.

ART 362 Data Visualization (3)
Exploration of industry-standard graphic and data design techniques to create beautiful, understandable visualizations in an effort to uncover the truth in data.

ART 365 Graphic Design Topics (3)
Specialized topics relating to Graphic Design.

ART 366 Visual Storytelling (3)
Concept design course focused on visually communicating ideas for entertainment design and illustration.

ART 375R Topics in Art (Var.)
Various topics offered as needed. Fees may apply.

ART 385R Directed Study in Art (Var.)
Study focusing on a topic of individual interest under guidance of instructor. Prerequisites: art major and proposal agreement before registration.

ART 399 Internship/Practicum in Art. (1-3)
Internship or practicum in field of potential employment or advanced study. Internship proposal must be approved before registration. Prerequisites: art major and consent of instructor.

ART 399R Applied Art III (1)
Private instruction with assigned faculty member.

ART 446 Digital Photography III (3)
Advanced digital photography course in which students develop an intensive, cohesive, and conceptual photo series within a genre of their selection.

ART 460 Graphic Design III (3)
Advanced graphic design. Encourages students to explore, question, and redefine their design skills building upon all of the knowledge gained in previous courses with a focus on engaging the audience and developing content.

ART 461 Typography II (3)
Intermediate/Advanced typography. Expands upon typographic skills learned in typography I by encouraging students to explore conceptual and experimental approaches to increasingly complex typographic design solutions.

ART 485R Directed Study in Art (Var.)
Study focusing on a topic of individual interest under guidance of instructor. Prerequisites: art major and proposal agreement before registration.

ART 497 Artist Business and Marketing (3)
Preparation for all students to effectively learn how to market themselves as their business. Helps students learn how to network with others, use social media to promote their work, and develop professional business practices to manage time and finances.

ART 498 Senior Show (3)
Senior capstone experience for art majors culminating in oral presentations and group exhibit. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.