Business Management & Leadership Courses

BUS 175R Topics in Business (0)

BUS 201 Principles of Accounting (3)
Covers financial and managerial accounting principles. Basic accounting statements, processes, and management applications. Understand financial statements, expenses, and controls, financing, statement analysis, cost volume profit analysis, operational budgeting, etc.

BUS 202 Intro to Managerial Accounting (3)
Introduction to principles that underlie the generation and use of internal accounting information. Core topics include cost analysis and allocation systems, budgeting and control processes, investment and decision analysis, and performance and quality measurement. Prerequisite: BUS 201.

BUS 207 Introduction to Business (3)
Practical, broad-brush survey of business principles and practices including forms of business ownership, management and organization, information systems, finance and investment, human resources, marketing, and operations management.

BUS 208 Introduction to Business Careers (3)
In this introductory course we present the various career paths in business and guide students on an exploration of the various requirements, expectations, and opportunities in the business world. Before coming to college very few individuals have a strong understanding of what a career in analytics, marketing, accounting, finance, or even management might look like. This course lays a framework for them to prepare for and plan their business studies and long-term goals, with a particular emphasis on the opportunities afforded by the program at Southern Virginia.

BUS 221 Business Statistics (3)
Modern businesses rely on well-educated professionals who can effectively use data to enhance and support decision-making processes. This course provides students with a foundation in the fundamental analytical and statistical tools to enable analysis and decision-making which are widely used in organizations. Topics include an introduction to statistics, managing data, and analyzing data using descriptive statistics, probability, chi-square test, correlation, t-test, analysis of variance, and linear regression. The focus is on creating, interpreting, and reporting results. We teach the course from an applied perspective and include a software-use component to enable students to gain hands-on experience with conducting statistical analysis using spreadsheets and statistical software. Prerequisite: one of the following: MAT 114, 115, or permission of instructor.

BUS 226 Personal and Family Finance (3)
Personal financial management topics, including consumer debt management; education, automobile, and home loans; retirement and other savings and investment instruments; insurance; and personal wills.

BUS 250 Business Analysis Using Excel (3)
To successfully and quickly solve business problems you need more than just intuition; you need solutions based on data. Business and data analysis helps us frame problems, make comparisons, forecast outcomes, and make decisions.  You can use simple but very effective tools to analyze your data and make better, more informed decisions. In this course, you will explore spreadsheet-modeling for applied decision-making. You will examine data cleaning and modeling concepts, practice core Excel skills, and explore ways to apply data management techniques to the spreadsheet system by using its math and logic capabilities to their full potential. By performing business and data analysis, you can improve the structure and usefulness of your data and make better decisions.

BUS 275R Topics in Business (3)
Topics in business.

BUS 301 Business Law (3)
Sources of law, the court system, the constitution, crimes, contracts, sales, risk of loss, negotiable instruments, bankruptcy, agency, business organizations, real property, leases, and decedent’s estates. Prerequisites: Core I of business major.

BUS 323 Professional and Organizational Communication (3)
Development of written and oral presentation skills in an organizational setting. Prerequisites: ENG 120 and junior or senior class standing.

BUS 333 Principles of Marketing (3)
Study of the principles, methods and behavioral activities involved in marketing goods and services in both profit and not-for-profit enterprises. Theory and case studies combine to develop an understanding of marketing environments; marketing research; consumer and business markets and buying behavior; product, pricing, promotion, and distribution strategies; the challenges and opportunities of direct and online marketing today, social responsibility, and marketing ethics. Prerequisites: Core I of business major.

BUS 336 E-tailing and Retailing (3)
Study of retailing as an institution in society, the challenging environment
facing retailing today and tomorrow, and future retailing management practices
that include etailing and other direct marketing opportunities. Prerequisite:
BUS 333.

BUS 343 Principles of Organization and Leadership (3)
Theory and models of organizational behavior and their application to organizational leadership, development, and maintenance. Designed to increase students’ abilities to perceive themselves, organizational identities, organizational contexts, and available options for action. Prerequisites: Core I of business major.

BUS 345 Human Resources Management (3)
Study of the legal and regulatory environment of personnel management along with the opportunities associated with recruiting and retaining quality employees. Prerequisites: Core I and II of business major except BUS 301.

BUS 350 Business Analytics (3)
The purpose of this course is to apply critical thinking skills to business problems using methods in business analysis and analytics. The course offers problems and exercises to learn and practice the most common tools and methods currently in use by Data Analysts. The focus on tools knowledge (Excel, R. Tableau, SQL) will be augmented by applied project and team work. The skills learned in this course will prepare students for work titles such as Business Analyst or Data Analyst. The course is cross functionally oriented such that students interested in marketing or finance or operations will be able to apply these concepts and knowledge into their field of interest. Prerequisite: BUS 250.

BUS 355 Data Science (3)
This course provides a broad introduction to the field of data science in business. The course focuses on using computational methods and statistical techniques to analyze massive amounts of data and to extract knowledge. It provides an overview of foundational computational and statistical tools for data acquisition and cleaning, data management and big data systems. The course surveys the complete data science process from data to knowledge and gives students hands-on experience with tools and methods. Prerequisite: MAT 221 or BUS 221.

BUS 363 Managerial Finance (3)
Principles and analytical methods of corporate financial analysis and management. Core topics include financial statement analysis, money and capital markets, stock and bond valuation, capital structure analysis, and capital budgeting. Prerequisites: Core I of business major.

BUS 367 Risk Management and Insurance (3)
A study of risk identification, risk analysis, and risk management. Includes insurance, techniques of loss control, risk retention, and risk transfer. Pre-requisite: Core I and II of business major except BUS 301.

BUS 370 Operations Management (3)
This course is an introduction to operations management. Operations, like accounting, finance, marketing, and human resources, is one of the primary functions of every organization. Businesses are an integrated set of processes and systems designed to deliver value to customers. A company’s effectiveness depends significantly on how well the firm’s resources are managed. Managing the critical performance dimensions of speed, quality, flexibility, and cost demands a thorough understanding of both the physical and information processes that are required for developing, manufacturing, and delivering products and service. This course focuses on managerial tools for understanding these processes, and prepares the students to use the results of analysis to constantly improve the firm’s operational performance.

BUS 375R Topics in Business Administration (3)
Topics in business management and leadership. Prerequisites: Core I of business major and consent of instructor.

BUS 385R Directed Study in Business Administration (3)
Courses in which a student arranges an in-depth study of a particular topic under the individual guidance and supervision of a faculty member, as described in the University Catalog. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

BUS 399 Internship/Practicum in Business (3)
Internship or practicum in field of potential employment or advanced study. Internship proposal must be approved before registration. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

BUS 404 International Business (3)
Theory and case study introduction to international business. Topics include cultural, political, legal and economic environments; global trade and investment; foreign exchange; business-government relations; and international operations management. Prerequisites: Core I and II of business major except BUS 301.

BUS 407 Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship (3)
Entrepreneurship is fundamentally building something new, generally a business or organization. Intrapreneurship is building something new, generally a business or organization. This course includes tools, training on topics including ideation, finding resources, decision making, managing your emotions, business models, persevering, and managing others.

BUS 408 Investments: Securities and Markets (3)
Study of contemporary securities and markets. Includes asset allocation, portfolio theory, market efficiency, asset pricing models, program trading, and equity and equity-index options. Prerequisite: Core I of business major except

BUS 414 Leadership and Influence (3)
Critical study of leadership and influence vis-à-vis the lives and leadership experiences of significant individuals and groups. Focus is on identification and internalization of core elements of leadership such as skills, personality characteristics, environments, group dynamics and organizational position that contribute to one’s effectiveness or ineffectiveness as a leader. Prerequisite: junior or senior class standing.

BUS 432 Persuasion: Sales and Promotion (3)
How to persuade or influence others, including techniques
for changing peoples’ minds, feelings, and behaviors as well as techniques
that are practical for selling products and promoting ideas.
Prerequisite: business major core I and II or permission of instructor

BUS 433 Strategic Marketing Management (3)
A strategic perspective for marketing management, in a global environment. Addresses company organization, industry structure, firm’s competitiveness, marketing activities and market-entry strategies. Stresses intensive case instruction and requires an extensive market plan for a current or prospective business. Prerequisites: Core I and II of business major except BUS 301.

BUS 434 Consumer Behavior (3)
Study of the processes involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, use, or dispose of products, services, ideas or experiences to satisfy needs and desires. Emphasis is on lifestyle, situation, and information processing. Prerequisites: Core I and II of business major except BUS 301.

BUS 437 Marketing Research (3)
Study of the concepts, theories, and principles underlying the marketing research process. Focus is on development and evaluation of research designs for gathering marketing information and database mining. Prerequisites: Core I and II of business major except BUS 301.

BUS 463 Advanced Financial Management (3)
Advanced, case-based study of strategic financial management. Topics include short and long term financing, derivative instruments and risk management, valuation and investment, and mergers and acquisitions. Prerequisites: Core I and II of business major except BUS 301.

BUS 498 Strategic Management (3)
Case-study capstone course that brings together all areas of business administration and analysis for strategic management of organizational enterprise. Prerequisites: Core I and II of business major and senior class standing. Must be taken in the last semester of business major coursework.

BUS 499 Senior Internship/Practicum in Business (3)
Internship or practicum in field of potential employment or advanced study. Internship proposal must be approved before registration. Prerequisites: Core I and II of business major and consent of instructor.