Family and Human Development

FHD 175R Topics in Family Studies (3)
Topics in social and behavioral sciences.

FHD 210 Marriage and Family (GE) (3)
A study of American marriages and families. Attention is given to successful marriage and family relationships based on research examining dating and mate selection, marriage, sexuality, family interaction, family resource management, parenting, divorce, and remarriage.

FHD 220 Introduction to Social Work (3)
Theories about families and the different social institutions that serve and affect them. Emphasis on intervention services and programs for at risk families.

FHD 250 Child and Adolescent Development (GE) (3)
An introduction to human development. Emphasis is on life span processes within physical, emotional, cognitive, social, personality, and moral development. Major concepts, theories, and principles of child and adolescent development are covered. Cross-listed with EDU 250.

FHD 275R Topics in Family and Child Development (3)
Topics in the family and childhood development.

FHD 290 Introduction to Research Methods (3)
Philosophies of critical inquiry. Principles of designing, conducting, and reporting social science investigations. Attention is given to evaluating research reports in the social sciences.

FHD 310 Family Process (3)
A study of marital and family processes – such as generations, emotions, communication, conflict, sexual intimacy, and rituals – as families develop across major life transitions such as marriage, parenting, divorce, and remarriage. Attention is given to the development of healthy family processes. Prerequisite: FHD 210 or instructor approval.

FHD 314 Parenting (3)
Research-based knowledge, strategies, and skills designed to promote quality parent-child relationships and optimal child development. Cross-linked with EDU 314. Prerequisite: one of the following: EDU 201 or FHD/EDU 250, or must be a parent and obtain instructor approval.

FHD 337 Families and Sexuality (3)
A study of human sexuality across the lifespan as it relates to critical issues for American marriages, families, and society. Prerequisites: FHD 310 or instructor approval.

FHD 350 Infant Development (3)
This course examines the development of infants and toddlers within the context of family relationships prenatally through age 3. Topics will encompass perceptual, cognitive, social, motor, and emotional development. In addition to exploring research about infant development, we will discuss theoretical, methodological, and applied issues, including interventions and policies for infants and their families. This course fulfills the Developmental Elective requirement of the FHD major.  Prerequisites: FHD 250, FHD 290, or instructor approval.

FHD 355 Adolescent Development (3)
The study of adolescent development—including physical, neurological and cognitive, emotional, identity and personality, gender, sexuality, social, and moral development—within the ecological contexts of family, school, community, religion, and other relational networks. This course fulfills the Developmental Elective requirement of the FHD major.  Prerequisites: FHD 250, FHD 290, or instructor approval.

FHD 360 Adult Development and Aging (3)
A study of adjustment to physical, emotional, social and economic changes. Needs arising from changes in family relationships, living arrangements, and employment; retirement planning. This course fulfills the Developmental Elective requirement of the FHD Major. Prerequisites: FHD 250, FHD 290, or instructor approval.

FHD 365 Childhood Across Cultures (3)
An examination of development from a global perspective, with a focus on understanding how individual development is situated in particular social contexts. The course is based on a cultural perspective that integrates psychological and anthropological thought. Students will examine and appreciate the diversity of children’s lived experiences across the world and deepen their understanding of their own location in and responsibility to the larger world through varied readings, film clips, reflective experiences, and writing assignments.

FHD 370 Theories of Human Development (3)
This course explores the major theories of human development, including the strengths and weaknesses of those theoretical approaches. Students will study the biological, social, psychological, and interactive factors that influence the developing individual and learn to apply that knowledge in concrete ways to real-world case studies and settings. This course fulfills the Developmental Elective requirement of the FHD Major.  Prerequisites: FHD 250, FHD 290, or instructor approval.

FHD 375R Topics in Family & Child Development (3)
Topics in the social and behavioral sciences. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

FHD 385R Directed Study (3)
Directed study in family and child development. Prerequisite: instructor approval before registration.

FHD 399 Internship/Practicum in Family and Child Development (3)
Internship or practicum in field of potential employment or advanced study. Internship proposal must be approved before registration. Prerequisite: approval of program coordinator.

FHD 485R Research Practicum (3)
Research experience in a project directed by a faculty member. Instructor approval must be obtained before registration. Prerequisites: FHD 290 and instructor approval.

FHD 498 Senior Capstone (3)
The study of relationships between core knowledge, educational practice, and audience characteristics in family life education. Translation of research-based knowledge about successful family relationships and human development into education materials and presentations suitable for families. Opportunity to develop, implement, and evaluate a family life education presentation. Prerequisites: FHD 210, FHD 220, FHD 250, FHD 290, FHD 310, FHD 314, and senior class standing.