Art Major & Minor

The art major fosters the student’s effort to develop a personal creative style, encouraging exploration of various artistic media and appreciation of the work of artists working in other times and places. Students acquire a foundation in studio art, art history, and design while learning to express themselves formally, skillfully and with creativity.

Learning Objectives

Students graduating as art majors at Southern Virginia University are expected to have achieved the following:

  1. Undergraduate level proficiency in a chosen medium.
  2. Competence in creating and presenting a coherent, intelligent body of work.
  3. Basic knowledge of contemporary art and art history.

Program Coordinator: Prof. Jacob Ricks

Major Requirements (30 credit hours)

Major Core (18 credit hours):

Major Electives: 12 credit hours from among the following, including at least 6 credit hours from 300- or 400-level courses and including at least two courses in one of the following three areas: drawing, painting, and printmaking:

Download the Art Major Checklist

Minor Requirements (18 credit hours)

Minor Core (12 credit hours):

Minor Electives: an additional 6 credit hours from among the major core or electives at the 200- or 300-level.

Download the Art Minor Checklist