Business Management & Leadership Major & Minor

This major involves students in the fundamental principles, theories, and practices that comprise successful leadership and management in the modern business world. It enables them to effectively compete and contribute in the worlds of commerce and organizational leadership; it prepares them for entry to world-class graduate programs in business and public administration; and it develops their ability to fully lead and serve society in general through virtuous, intelligent, and effective participation and decision-making.

Learning Objectives

In addition to achieving competency in careful writing, critical thinking, and analytic reasoning in the Southern Virginia Core curriculum, students completing Southern Virginia’s business major are expected to attain a knowledge of the fundamental theories, practices, and environments of the core fields of economics and business, specifically,

  1. Accounting: theory and practice of measuring, classifying, and reporting economic data.
  2. Economics: theory and models of economic behavior at the micro- and macroeconomic levels.
  3. Management: theory and models of organizational behavior pertaining to organizational leadership, development, and maintenance.
  4. Finance: principles and analytical methods of corporate financial analysis and management.
  5. Marketing: principles and methods involved in marketing goods and services.
  6. Legal and Social Environment: sources of law, the legal system, agency, and organizational structure as they apply to business.
  7. International Issues: cultural, political, legal and economic environments relating to global trade and investment.

Program Coordinator: Professor W. Todd Brotherson

Major Requirements (40 Credit Hours)

Foundation Courses: 16 credit hours to be taken during the freshman and sophomore years:

Upper Division Courses: 18 credit hours to be taken during the junior and senior years:

Major Electives: an additional 6 credit hours or more from the following:

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Minor Requirements (16 credit hours)

Minor Core (10 credit hours):

Minor Electives: 6 credit hours from among these courses:

Download the Business Management & Leadership Minor Checklist