Theatre Major & Minor

The theatre major at Southern Virginia University provides students with experience in creative and technical aspects of theatre, including acting, directing, playwriting, design and technical theatre. The major seeks to awaken and enhance students’ creative abilities in performing, writing and design as well as to develop skills needed to evaluate artistic works.

Learning Objectives

Students completing Southern Virginia’s theatre major are expected to acquire the following:

  1. Basic knowledge of the theatre tradition in Western civilization. (History)
  2. Basic knowledge of stagecraft. (Technical Theatre)
  3. Basic knowledge of and skill in acting. (Acting)
  4. In-depth knowledge of and advanced skill in either: (1) acting, directing and playwriting; or (2) technical theatre. (Production)

Program coordinator: Prof. Robert Stoddard

Major Requirements (41 credit hours)

Major Core (20 credit hours):

Major Electives I: 3 credit hours from among the following:

Major Electives II: an additional 18 credit hours from among the following:

Download the Theatre Major Checklist

Minor Requirements (22 credit hours)

Minor Core (13 credit hours):

Minor Electives: an additional 9 credit hours from among the major core or electives, excluding THE 399R and THE 498.

Download the Theatre Minor Checklist